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Zvelle is a fashion and footwear brand in a class all its own.

Founded by Elle AyoubZadeh, our collections are unique, fearless and chic. They are not released for a specific season; they transcend seasons and go beyond borders.

Elle is a citizen of the world, much like the Zvelle woman. Her passion for culture, travel and craftsmanship lays the foundation for the heart and soul of Zvelle.

Elle’s international background continues to inspire Zvelle’s designs, silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship.

Our collections are sold exclusively at as well as in our Toronto showroom.

The Zvelle Woman

She is a global citizen. She is an adventurer who loves travel. She is open to the world and the world is open to her. She is audacious, curious and playful. An out-of-the-box thinker who marches to her own beat. Her wit and charm make her friendly, while her fearlessness adds to her mystique.

She is our inspiration and muse. 


Zvelle is a proud supporter of Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF). A trailblazing hub of research, education and clinical care, WCHF is guided by strong values and a commitment to advancing health for Canadian women and healthcare options for all people. Elle AyoubZadeh sits on the Board of Directors of WCHF and has committed to donating a portion of Zvelle's proceeds to WCHF.


Elle Ayoubzadeh

The Zvelle brand embodies the values and distinct style of its founder, Elle AyoubZadeh. A veritable global citizen, Elle hails from Iran, and has lived in Dubai, New Zealand and Australia before moving to Toronto, where she currently resides.

Elle’s passion for culture, travel and craftsmanship has taken her to many corners of the globe during her career in international finance and luxury retail. She looks at the world with an international lens, which plays a big part in everything we do at Zvelle.

Elle is passionate about creating beautiful products that are brought to life by artisans worldwide. These products shape their own unique story when they are enjoyed by the cosmopolitan women who wear them.