Walk How You Want.

They gave you a life. They gave you a name.

They taught you how to talk and walk.

You didn’t take your first steps on your own. You were ushered. Encouraged to move through the world in a certain way.

When you became a woman, you carried that weight with you. You did as you were told.

Until you said, thank you, but I don’t want this anymore. Your directions are getting me nowhere. I’ve got my own way to go.

You started on your own path. Carefully at first. Then more freely.

You realized you don’t need to walk a line. That it’s fine to wander. To stumble if it happens. It happens. There are going to be missteps. Who cares?

Stray from the path. Get lost. Sit down and take a rest. Get up and go further.

Forget what they said.

Walk how you want.

Our Story Is Your Story.

Elle AyoubZadeh founded Zvelle in 2015 with the desire to combine meaningful design with impeccable quality and heightened consciousness. Elle traveled extensively to find the finest accessories craftspeople in the world, settling on an Italian factory whose multigenerational team shared her exacting standards and unwavering values. Her aesthetic vision borrowed from many cultures and traditions to reveal something elegant and timeless. Most importantly, every style would have a story. Each design is an invitation to further your story as you move through the world.

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In Conversation

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