When Zvelle’s Creative Director Elle AyoubZadeh was designing her latest collection she had one person in mind. “I’ve always been fascinated by Amelia Earhart. For a woman to become a pilot and fly around the world in her day was incredible. She just went for it.” It was Ms. Earhart’s adventurous spirit that really drove AyoubZadeh’s vision and helped bring the ZvellexEarhart collection to life. “I started thinking, if I was creating shoes for Amelia, what would they look like?” The result is a luxurious yet understated collection of six styles for modern-day trailblazers. “We started with a higher heel because we hadn’t done that before,” says AyoubZadeh. “But they’re really comfortable. We added memory foam inside.” Each pair is also stunning. With it’s wing detailing and pointed toe, the Amelia is nothing short of unique. “I like clean architectural lines but the curves in this shoe give it a softer look. Plan on getting noticed when you wear them!”

"Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it." – Amelia Earhart Aviation pioneer, author, trailblazer

Another first for Zvelle was a bootie. The Electra was named after Ms. Earhart’s beloved airplane. “If you look at a plane, there are so many different parts and angles,” says AyoubZadeh. “These booties really encompass all these details”. Perfect for a day at the office and evening cocktails, the Electra has cut out detailing on the side revealing one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s foot, the anklebone. “I like these with cropped pants but they’d also look great with a dress and patterned stockings.” Kitten heels are de rigueur at Zvelle. “I make shoes that women can walk in. Kittens are one of our signatures so I always knew this would be part of the collection.” Traditional pumps with a whole lot of sass, the Rendezvous has a high collar above the heel drawing the eye up the leg, while Lady Lindy (Ms. Earhart’s nickname) features a classic T-strap with nappa leather and suede.

Inspiring women to forge ahead and follow their dreams has always been at the heart of Zvelle’s mandate. “There’s a quote by Amelia Earhart that I love,” says AyoubZadeh. “She said ‘Adventure is worthwhile in itself’. I think that really represents what we’re doing at Zvelle. And we’re just getting started.”