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Annette Verschuren, O.C.

Staying grounded and being true to yourself while running several successful businesses is no easy task. That’s why we’re so inspired by Annette Verschuren. This former farm-girl from Nova Scotia has accomplished more in her 60 years, than most do in two lifetimes. From overseeing the Canadian launch of Michaels Craft Stores and the expansion of Home Depot across Canada and Asia to launching an energy startup at 55, this unwavering dynamo is the epitome of success. In 2011 she was an appointed Officer of the Order of Canada and and this spring Annette’s first book on business and life comes out with a forward by the Governor General of Canada that introduces us to a woman well worth knowing. Elle AyoubZadeh sat down with Annette to find out how she keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground.

“I love building a new company. It’s fun, like putting a lego puzzle together. I haven’t had to work to live a wonderful life since i was about 45 years old. Now i’m 60 and i love to give money away. That’s one of the big thrills of my life.”