Women's College Hospital_Zvelle


When I was first developing Zvelle, I used the code name ‘blue lantern’ inspired by a gift my boyfriend gave me in support of Autism Awareness. My younger brother, Amir, has an intellectual disability with autistic tendencies so this is a cause that has always been close to my heart. Amir is my biggest source of strength and the blue lantern always reminded me that whatever I was building, I wanted to support causes that I strongly believe in.

It is with this in mind that I’m thrilled to announce that $10 from every Zvelle shoe sold will support the most urgent needs of Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF). Women’s College Hospital is a hub of collaboration in research, clinical care and education. It was also the first hospital in Canada that allowed women to be trained in medicine and to become physicians. 

Supporting WCH and its foundation is a natural step for Zvelle. We share many values in common including the celebration of professional women. Having founded a company myself, I understand the challenges that come from working outside the box and the determination it takes to give birth to a vision. I am so fortunate that I haven’t had to fight for the right to follow my passion. It is with great pride that I support an organization that was started with such strong and ambitious women. 

What does Zvelle’s partnership with WCHF mean? Our goal is two-fold: First to help fund the urgent needs of women and families who are served by Women’s College. Second, we hope that this will lead to a long-term relationship and we’ve got exciting plans to share over the course of 2016!

We are so excited to be helping the passionate teams of women and men at WCH and WCHF! They are among the most innovative healthcare institutions whose primary focus is on the health of women in Canada and throughout the world.

We want to thank our inspiring and hard working customers whose loyalty allows us to support this very worthy cause. We also encourage you to share this exciting initiative with the women (and men) in your lives. 

With gratitude,

Elle AyoubZadeh
Founder & Creative Director